All that glitter is not always gold.. it may be bronze, too!

Modenese Gastone brought brass and bronze back to life for its latest collection: Antique Masterpieces.

According to architectural trends, this is the newest must have for contemporary – classic style home décor.

These luxury decorative materials, with their warm shades and sophisticated natural lacquers, catch the essence of the actual trademarks, yet remaining timeless: having these pieces of luxury furniture inside your villas means letting the beauty of old times in.

Look at the decoration over the cabinets, the splendid chest of drawers and showcases: the contrast between neutral wood finishes and bright bronze touches, the handmade carvings and paintings made out of time- honored skills and adapted to modern day materials.. they are unique wood works of art destined to furnish the most beautiful environments and luxury villas of the world.

Despite of the single pieces of furniture, Modenese Gastone provides a full contract service, starting from sketches and advisory support to final in situ installation.

The company aims at exporting luxury classic style, in this case proposed through the Italian passion for exclusive furniture together with the magic esprit français; it gives the widest variety of combinations to the clients to furnish their luxury villas and high-end spaces.

Find your way home to perfection with Modenese Gastone Luxury classic interiors!